About recode.school

This is a simple blog. Nothing special. It is a place just to take and share notes, feature important work, and provide a bit of thought leadership. 

Raison d'etre: 

Upgrade educational systems to deepen the learner experience of every student. Schools are not broken, they just need a modern upgrade like any other technology. 


This is a special word with special meaning. I say a lot more about it here. The task for educational reformers today is to recode, and thus upgrade, the underlying operating system of school in positive, progressive ways based on our best research and understandings of how children learn and succeed. 


The organization of this site is a bit odd, but it corresponds to a future book project that blogging is essentially just taking notes for over time. Thus, the top menu headers correspond to the book chapters and the drop down sub-menus correspond to the sub-chapters. I'm updating with new sub-chapters all the time so if you have suggestions, I'm open to them. 


This is the primary blogging voice of the Center for Next Generation Leadership at the University of Kentucky College of Education. While there is a deep relationship with that Center, this blog is not sanctioned by the University and represents only the views of the author. Further, this blog is part of the Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE). 


This site is unabashedly focused heavily on Kentucky. It is linked through our Center and through my job. My own kids go to school in Kentucky public schools. Kentucky is also both a microcosm and a best hope for education in the United States more broadly. If you want to know why, read some posts. 


Primarily it is Justin Bathon. I'm an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Director of Innovative School Models at the University of Kentucky. I'm also a co-director of the Center for Next Generation Leadership. I also continue to be a co-developer of the STEAM Academy schools in Lexington Kentucky. 

About the logo: 

I explain how the logo happened and the hidden meaning to me in this post.